Update - Actions and Brainfood

There is no doubt we are at a seminal point in history as the Amazonian rainforest, our biggest carbon sink is burning at an unprecedented rate.  The next three weeks offer a crucial opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to climate change in the UK, and as members of the global community.  From supporting young people at the Global Climate Strike on Friday September 20th to the fortnight of XR activity starting w/c October 7th.

Will we choose to step up?

Here at the Purpose Disruptors, we’ve been hard at work raising awareness and activating action across the industry.  Here’s a list of things for you to get involved. Please share this information with your friends and colleagues.


1. Go to the Climate Crisis Summit (or recommend to a friend if you’ve been) It’s on 16th Sept from 13.00- 17.00

Hosted in The Royal Institution, the Climate Crisis Summit will help you get to grips with the climate emergency and work out how to take collective meaningful action to tackle it. The first summit was a sellout and left participants both shellshocked & energised. It sparked a number of new projects, including no. 2 on the list… Get your tickets here


2. Create & Strike

Use your creativity to support the Youth Climate Strike on 20 Sept. Create a sign, a blimp, anything that can be used to amplify the message of the climate emergency. Creative luminaries will judge the best works, with the winners ending up in the Tate Modern archives. If you want to make placards with others then join sessions at the Tate Modern on Sept 18th- sign up for lunchtime or afternoon sessions here. Also, get your agency to sign-up along with over 60 others to give their employees the opportunity to join the strike. Also, strike!

3.  Friday Future

Create and Strike is one action listed on https://fridayfuture.love.  The site that has loads of great suggestions on how to amplify the message of young people at the Global Climate Strike.  Also, the crazy idea that we should all dedicate our Friday’s to helping solve the climate emergency through collective action.  Perhaps not a crazy at all.


Spaceship Earth Podcast 

Dan Burgess shares his personal reflections on how the creative industry is responding to the call for action and discusses with XR’s Will Skeaping how climate change is messy and uncomfortable to discuss and move to action.


Update from the United Nations

UN Assistant Secretary General and Executive Secretary of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity, Christina Pasca Palmer explains why a healthy planet and a healthy economy go hand-in-hand. 


Thanks for listening and getting involved.

We are the leaders we have been waiting for.

The Purpose Disruptors Team